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About Me

Kate is a singer-songwriter from Pretoria, South Africa and is best known for her beautifully haunting vocals.


Starting in 2011, Kate began her musical career in a small but successful college band. She managed, composed as well as built a reputation for being a vocal powerhouse. The band's first single was play-listed on local radio,  they featured in VOWfm's top 10 South African bands as well as grabbing a spot in the top 9 South African bands during Hard Rock Rising 2014.  The band's only music video also aired during the 99th episode of a popular music channel on local satellite TV. 

Kate has since immigrated to the United States and is currently working on creating new music of her own, multiple and continuous collaborations with musicians from across the globe as well as growing her YouTube Channel - where she posts original material, tags, vlogs and more.


Kate is inspired by many genres including rock, metal, alternative, pop, classical and musicals. Her favourite composers at the moment include Danny Elfman, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Hans Zimmer and the Sherman Brothers. She is also influenced by a lot of contemporary music including Evanescence, Motionless in White, Sarah Brightman, Within Temptation, In This Moment, Björk, Bring me The Horizon, Wardruna and many more.