• Kate Wilson

Covid-19 Update

I know that times have been so tough lately so I wanted to put out a little something positive for those connected to my music.

I've been absent from my solo work for about a year, working with the guys in Reality Check on some new music but as we are isolated, things may take a while to complete and release. In the meantime I decided to come back to writing and working on some new solo material.

In the last year I also took a break from social media and updating the website so that I could come back dedicated to it. Since we are all in isolation, I figured it would be a great time to work on myself and grow my passions. Therefore, next weekend I'll be learning from one of my favourite creators of recent years, which means I'll be bringing new skills to my solo and band projects in the near future.

I post most regularly on my Instagram and love having new friends to message and talk to so come get social with me!

I know that it's been said a lot lately but please do listen to your local authorities and follow guidelines. Wash your hands and stay safe!

Much love