10 Things I Love About Pretoria

November 4, 2018

I thought I'd write a quick post mentioning a few of the things I love about my home city before I leave it for a while. While I'm ecstatic to be starting a new journey, I will miss things about Pretoria. 

  1. The Jacaranda trees. This is a spectacular springtime display where all the trees turn purple and the streets make purple archways with purple carpets of flowers. 

  2. The Gautrain. This is probably the easiest way to get from Pretoria to Johannesburg and most definitely the best way to get to and from the airport. Not only is it convenient, it's actually a pretty relaxed journey with no traffic.

  3. My neighbourhood. I am lucky to live in a really great part of the city. I grew up here so the drive turning down the hill overlooking the area will be dreamed about for many years to come. I know it's something I really missed last year and looked forward to seeing when I arrived home.

  4. My community. People here are really friendly and have a great sense of humour that I will miss.

  5. The church next door waking me up on Sunday mornings with its ringing bells.

  6. Being so close to the game reserves. It's not like I have visited often but now that I won't be able to see game whenever the opportunity arises makes me a bit sad.

  7. The crazy amounts of healthy food options. We are so lucky in Pretoria to have access to loads of fresh food shops and restaurants with convenient and cheap healthy foods. Every weekend there's bound to also be a farmers' market somewhere to get fresh produce straight from the source.

  8. The Christmas market with my mom. It's a family tradition.

  9. The weather! No better weather in the world - trust me, I've looked.

  10. The nostalgic feeling of this city. Sometimes I feel like I step into a previous decade when I visit different parts of the city. It's so much fun to see many forgotten items as well as forgotten skills in the world flourishing here with less technological interference. 

These are some of the things I will miss most about my city. They're not in any particular order I just listed what popped into my head while writing. With a little less than a week to enjoy it, I thought I'd write it down before I forget all the little details and nuances of living here.


I'm still making daily videos on Youtube documenting my journey to America and I hope that you will head over there if you're looking for more details of what my move involves, especially in the final week.

I'm also travelling to the Cape this week so keep an eye on my Instagram for regular updates of my travels and things I get up to.


Also, please consider subscribing to my blog if you're enjoying it. I try to update it once a week with thoughts, travel updates, tips & tricks and of course my music news when it happens.


Until next week!

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