A 10 Week Fitness Challenge | Week 1

April 29, 2018

I've started planning a trip to Scotland with my mom in July and I'm looking forward to exploring the Highlands and losing myself in the epic landscapes and scenery. I'm fairly fit and healthy now but I want to be fitter and thinner for my winter vacation since it'll be summer there. I'm starting a 10 week challenge today to stay on track with my meals and exercise routine. 


There's nothing like a vacation to motivate you to look great. We always end up taking our old and comfortable favourites and not our very best clothes on holiday and so we want to look our very best in them. I know the last time I visited Scotland I was slightly heavier than I am now and I was 20 kgs down from my heaviest weight. Even then I could feel what a difference it made not only to my holiday activities but to my confidence in taking part and having fun with the rest of my tour group.


My workouts usually consists of 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of full body work so squats, lunges, crunches, burpees, push-ups, plank and stretches. I try to focus on using my own bodyweight to tone up or light weight training. Do as many reps as you can and increase the reps by 5 - 10  a week with one day for yoga/meditation and one rest/cheat day in there somewhere too.


This blog post was a little later than usual just because I didn't really have a minute to myself this week to get it done. Between work and going to see The Avengers Infinity War I was a bit short on free time. I highly recommend the movie by the way but if you think I'm going to spoil it for you with a lengthy review, you're sadly mistaken.


I've also signed up for a competition as of late and this challenge in fitness will also help my voice. Breathing is really important to singers and being fit definitely aids breathing and stamina. I'm really looking forward to auditioning more and taking part in more challenges and music tags on Youtube and other platforms.



Good luck! I'll be posting updates on the challenge as I go along on all my social media accounts so make sure you follow me there if you want to follow my progress or join in the fun.




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