Does Vivid have a genre?

May 31, 2016


Nearly a whole month since the release of the previous track, Waiting For The Rain, Death With Benefits has arrived and is the third track for Kate Wilson's Album, Vivid, which is said to release in October 2016.


"This song is actually a little out of my usual sphere of writing symphonic metal or scoring. More electronic elements were added to this and I played around for a long time with vocal ideas before anything was recorded. I feel now that the song has released that it's definitely something I'm very proud of and a step in the right direction for me as an artist. I hope that I get to write in this way a lot more for this album."


Death With Benefits is available on YouTube  and here on Kate's website for audiences to listen to the entire project as it gets written, made and released. The song is about toxic relationships and even when you leave them behind, how they can leave you feeling dead inside with nothing left for the person who is possibly better for you.


"I wanted to do this album for myself and a creative exercise to be honest, challenge myself to seriously write again and grow as a writer, singer etc.  The work is obviously then going to be very personal and maybe not every song is going to be for everyone but that's not the point here. I only made my work public so that I had a deadline to work towards but people have been so supportive and I'm definitely enjoying sharing the entire process more now and I hope that everyone that's coming along for the ride enjoys the journey."


The next track for the album is rumoured to be a ballad and will be released in June and the entire album, Vivid, will be available in October 2016.


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