Addicted to Your Phone?

September 2, 2018

This week's challenge for my blog was to give up talking or texting on my phone every night. I actually managed fine. This challenge wasn't difficult for me at all but for a lot of you out there the thought of giving up on your device conversations for just an hour would be stress inducing.


Human connection is so important and yet most of the time when we are using our smart devices, it's to check the time or check for messages, hopeful someone will reach out to us. So I have a few ways to stop you despairing at the thought of putting it down. 


  1. Reach out more. Instead of waiting and getting disappointed when your only notification is a reminder for you to pick up your laundry, why not use your device to say hi to the person you're hoping would reach out. (Have a conversation idea prepared if you're nervous.) Look something up, think about what you've been watching lately or share a funny GIF. Chances are that just like you, they were staring at their phone, waiting for you, just as lonely.

  2. When you've started the conversation, consider meeting up in person. Has it been a while since you've left the house? If so, you should try grab a coffee at a trendy, local venue. It'll do wonders I promise. Make the plan about 4 days to a week in advance. Not too far away or people's plans might change leaving you feeling a bit bummed out.

  3. Once you've made a plan to see someone you like spending time with, make sure you put your phone away for that hour. Even if they don't. It's important to be present in the moment. You'll remember more and have a more stimulating conversation.

Simple isn't it? You've just put your phone away for an hour and rewarded yourself with something great. If you try this a couple of times you'll start to notice you'd rather connect in person. It feels good. Phones actually hinder our memory and our ability to be a better friend. Get out there, take part in some events and when you're done with taking a selfie for Instagram, put it away and enjoy the moment. 


If you liked my idea to give up your phone for an hour, please consider subscribing to my blog. I write every Sunday and usually about something I've thought about or something that's happening that week. I also use social media to try and tell my story more regularly and if you like what I do you can follow me on Instagram. I also make YouTube videos every Tuesday.


Listening to: Spring Breeze - Kate Wilson

Reading: Glassdoor ratings lol

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