3 Weeks To Go!

October 21, 2018

I have exactly 3 weeks from today to hop on a plane to my new little life in America! Its quite a a crazy thought and I'm also working on many different projects including music. 


I have to admit that doing a daily Diary has been a little tougher than I expected but it's also been a good experience to document feelings and thoughts each day. 


Head over to my YouTube Channel for more updates! 


In the meantime I've had the most incredible month for singing. I finally feel like I've recovered my voice from the strains of Disney. I've gone from not singing for a year to 3, hour-long sets a week. This has put me in good spirits this week. 


I'm not looking forward to packing all my stuff up now. There's so much to consider and way too much to try and take it all. It's hard to let go of almost everything you own and accept that you either wait for it with patience or repurchase the really necessary things again ie a bed. 


I've also been binging the new season of American Horror Story, which is absolutely fabulous. This season ties all things together but also recreates much of the same uneasy feeling that was in the first season all those years ago. 


Speaking of series, I'm thinking of starting an exclusive blog series to discuss thoughts on film, art, music and other creative arts. I'm hoping to create something valuable but also fun to read or watch.


For now though, my bed awaits. Head over to my YouTube to catch up with my journey to America and don't forget to subscribe here for weekly updates. 




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