50 Random Facts About Me (Tag)

April 1, 2018

I'm pretty sure most people that fumble their way through the internet upon finding my website wonder who on earth I am and why Google or Spotify recommended some random woman from Africa and since we can't all be famous enough to have someone write our life's story on Wikipedia - I hope these 50 random facts about me will help us connect!


1. I'm a vegetarian and have been for 9 years. Before you ask, it's a long complicated reason but basically boils down to me trying to do my bit for the planet...but I live in one of the meatiest nations so I really don't mind what you choose to consume. 


2. I really wish I could growl or scream. I'm too scared of damaging my voice or changing it permanently to something I won't like.


3. I've always loved the smell of rain.


4. I've been to 6 out of the 7 continents and travelling bribes will always be the best way to get me to do anything.


5. My love for Disney merchandise is unnatural. (Especially limited edition items.)


6.  I'm a great supporter of animals, all animals, even if they scare me - like spiders (I'm sorry Lucas).


7. I work from home most days...I technically can work anywhere.


8. I don't do many YouTube covers purely for legal reasons but I wish I could!


9. I'm learning to play piano...for the third time.


10. I don't drive, even though I got my license because I'm terrified of driving. (I know, super rational).


11. I LOVE to talk. Even as a child my mom said I wouldn't shut-up. Other people thought it was cute though....probably not now though.


12. I have always had a calling for performance. My lead role was in a pre-school play when I was 3. My mom kept the tapes. 


13. I have an accent that people often mistake as British.


14. Pizza is a way to be my friend.


15. I almost NEVER drink carbonated or alcoholic beverages.


16. If The Hunchback of Notre Dame is on TV I will watch it. Best Disney soundtrack of all time for me.


17.  My middle name is Hazel.


18. I've been told I'm controlling. I honestly think I probably am but only when it comes to my own life and surroundings.  


19. Fireworks have always reminded me of a picnic day my family went to at the start of spring every year until I was about 6.


20. I've lost over 66 pounds. 


21. There's a certain kind of paper that makes me want to read a book purely because of the way it smells.


22. My favourite super hero is a tie between Spider-man and Deadpool.


23. I secretly wish I was cool or bad ass.


24. Halloween is my favourite holiday and I don't get to celebrate it in my country.


25. I prefer colder weather to the heat.


26. I love shiny things.


27. I don't like the dark but going backwards in the dark is worse.


28. I've always loved the slightly spooky. 


29. I wanted to be Christine from Phantom of the Opera when I was 10. I still want to be Christine, but I think I'm getting too old for such dreams.


30.  Science is amazing and I wish I was smart enough to hang out with such brainy people.


31. I almost never re-fill my water bottles until they all need refilling.


32. I was the least girly girl in school.


33. I loved teaching children at Disney World. At first I thought the kids wouldn't like me.


34. I really don't like sweet things.


35. I cut my own hair because it's so long I'm afraid of hair dressers cutting too much.


36. I'm absolutely petrified of rollercoasters.


37. Technically my first concert was a Josh Groban concert when I was little.


38. To date I haven't watched Game of Thrones.


39. To date I've never seen any Star Wars movies. (Don't hate me please).


40. I literally want to be Sherlock. 


41. I got The Protagonist on my personality type test.


42. I'm a dog person.


43. I can't listen to metal without wanting to move in some way or scrunch my face at least once ( usually at the breakdowns).


44. Black skinny jeans are my favourite item of clothing.


45. Creating is food for my soul. Be it writing, music, film, crafts, baking etc.


46. My dad and his father were artists. I can't draw.


47. I prefer audio books because I'm impatient.


48. I know WAY too much about tea.


49. I play Second Life regularly, so much that I perform on the platform regularly under the name Bolt.


50. Mr Robot was eerily familiar to my family story. My father and brother ran a computer store and repair shop when I was a kid and now I'm a bit of a whiz when it comes to anything tech-related.


So there are some random facts about my life. It's a longer post than usual but I hope that even some of the people that know me might be surprised by one or two things on the list. I'd love to get to know you better too so if you're reading this, leave a comment with a fact about you that most people don't know or a link to your 50 random facts.



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