A Guide To Easy Immersion

December 10, 2018

I skipped a week of writing my blog only because settling into a new country takes up a lot of time and even as I'm writing this I know that next week I'm moving into my new apartment to be closer to work and will probably have to skip one more week of updating the site. I also am looking at a redesign which I like to do each year on my website but for today I thought I'd write about how to settle into a new place easily.


Firstly I think it's very important to say that this has been my own experience and not all the tips here will be relevant to your move. I have found that over planning and really tight budgets will leave you happier and with more money but here are a few things I found made the biggest difference.


1. Sell everything you don't absolutely need before you leave. Leave your old life behind including most of your clothes. I can honestly say its so refreshing to start over and have more money in the new environment than a whole bunch of things you don't have space for and need to lug around. 


2.  If you must buy, make sure it'll last and isn't on a whim. Invest in some good stuff now that you're going to stay put and build a new life. If you can, pack specialised or expensive equipment as it will probably be more to repurchase it than the extra shipping cost.


3. Sort out your banking before you leave! So important to have your money and affairs in order. Pay off the debt. Take cash in the right currency or a cash card. Day one, sort out two things. Communication and the bank. If you're lucky like me you'll have an account already set up in the country you're moving too and the process is a smooth ATM visit to transfer the funds.


4. Accommodation is a tricky one. I hope that all of you find a place to stay before you leave. For me I had family friends who took me in until I could find a space of my own and I honestly couldn't be more grateful as it took me a whole month to find a rental opportunity close to my job.


5. If you can drive, try to get your license as its a good form of identification in most places.


Those are my top five tips for a smooth, quick move into a new country. Culture and customs take time to learn and adapt to as well as food, habits and routines. All these things need to be thought about too but money and a place to live with decent investments of furniture, equipment and research are vital.


In other news I'm looking at investing in some new sound equipment for my own Christmas gift to me! Should be a good thing as I am looking at getting back into music as soon as possible. 


Not a long blog today but it is getting close to Christmas and I am getting ready for those celebrations.


What I'm listening to: My 2018 Playlist on Spotify

Picture taken by me at Lake Washington.














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