A Week of Gratitude | Week 7

June 24, 2018

This week has been phenomenal and as I was working out at the gym today I realised that my heart is full of gratitude. I often find the time to reflect or sort of meditate at the gym and this week for my blog I just wanted to be grateful and share the joy with anyone who reads this.


Fitness Challenge

Starting with the 10 week fitness challenge I've been attempting before my trip to Scotland. This week is week 7 and I'm grateful for the journey. I am a lot fitter than I was to start with. I can now run a 5K in under an hour, which is amazing for me since running was never a strength for me. I'm grateful my legs and body work and let me work out without strain or injury. I've lost some weight and am starting to see the changes.



Next I want to talk about friendships and how fortunate I am to have discovered so many new ones and rekindle old ones in my hometown. I had been dreading this part of coming home and I will admit it is still the hardest part for me but I'm working on it. I've been fortunate to see friends as I've planned overseas travel and wait to see where I will be living in the next year. Everyone has been patient and kind through the challenges of a broken engagement too and the outpouring of love hasn't gone unnoticed.



Music is always going to feature on a list of gratitude and I'm so blessed to have my talents and the discipline to work on some new skills this week. I also managed to afford some new software which has blown me away with all the new ideas to play with. I've even started to work on some ideas and concepts for new sounds. i'm also grateful for the opportunity to sing at Second Life's 15th Birthday Celebration as well as my regular weekly shows on Second Life which you can tune in for here.



I'm grateful for my job! This week has been so productive and I've been given extra work which has helped more than I even realise. I'm working some new ideas, being creative and hopefully doing something that will aid a lot of people in their work soon.



My mom is super special, just want to mention how lucky I am to have her. In a week we celebrate her 60th and I'm excited for her life in the upcoming year. Big changes are coming for us both and I know what's coming will be a positive breakthrough for her.



Travel plans also fell into place this week and I could not be more excited to celebrate my mom's birthday in Scotland! It's an exciting dream for her and Scotland will always have a special place in my heart. I could go 1000 times and never feel I've seen enough of the natural beauty or people of Scotland. Another travel update came in this week which means my dreams of America are a little closer.


It's just been an epic week of life changes and I'm hopeful and determined to keep going. Really a turning point in my energy levels and hopes for my future. Things don't feel far off or intangible but really soon and very, very real.


I'm just grateful.



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