3 Easy Ways To Stay Positive Online

August 26, 2018

I get a lot of feedback and questions about staying positive or finding happiness and it really got me thinking about my whole journey. About 3 maybe 4 years ago I started using a hashtag #PositiveDaily. For me this was the start of a completely new life, even though I had no idea at the time how it would completely change everything.


I've had to think quite carefully now looking back at it, to remember how it started and what I do regularly to keep my head up even on a stressful day. I have a whole post explaining how my journey began with a breakup. You can read it here: The Origins of #PositiveDaily 


There are several ways I manage to stay positive and I'm not talking about overcoming depression or anxiety as a whole. If you are struggling with your mental health my only advice is to seek out professional help. I'm talking about the daily practices to stay motivated and avoid attracting negative energy and people into your life.


1. The Purge

This is basically a removal of all the people on your social media feeds who make you exhausted as soon as you see their name. If you can't unfriend them, unfollow them. This is an ongoing struggle with your social media accounts but definitely worth every second. Naturally the less time you spend on social media scrolling through the better but if you are there you might as well update your preferences too in order to make sure you're getting the type of content you want more regularly. Deleting unconstructive critism helps too. Block the non-believers!


2. Stop Posting Everything

Let's be honest, no one really cares about the grievances you have with your boss and posting cryptic, depressing messages to express your frustration isn't going to help. Hit the gym instead and post your about healthy habits while avoiding posting your weekend activities involving alcohol or other bad habits. Besides Facebook will remind you in a year what you were thinking about and do you want to be reminded of bad/embarrassing times? Probably not. Also be wary of posting overly motivational quotes or sappy stock images. That's not you in real life. Don't do it! It'll only mean less people get to know the real you and what you're actually doing the next time they see you.


3. Don't Be Afraid

There will always be someone who is jealous, even secretly. Don't let that idea or people get under your skin. If you're amazing at what you do, share it. Get creative with it and be yourself. You're more likely going to get a whole ton more positive feedback from the people who know you then not. You might also form stronger connections with those who have similar interests. There will also be times where no one responds and it can be difficult to keep trying but it's worth it because you never know who you are inspiring to do the same. 



These 3 easy tips to keep your online presence authentic and light can help you later on. I know for me it spilled into my daily life. I let go of people who couldn't keep their arrangements, always complained or had nothing nice to say about anyone else. This is a great practice to keep when job hunting too as employers are most likely going to scroll through your profiles to get a sense of you as a person. 


I update my blog weekly with all sorts of content from music and songwriting to travel and lifestyle tips. Please consider signing up and joining my journey and if reading isn't really your thing I also make weekly Youtube videos that cover similar topics and get a little more personal insight to my blogs. 

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