Last Month in South Africa

October 16, 2018

I know I haven't written anything in a couple of weeks but I have been very busy gathering my thoughts and things to move in just under a month from South Africa to Shoreline in Washington. I'm really grateful to get my favourite month of the year in my home city as it's truly the best month in Pretoria! All the trees have turned purple and it's really a picture-perfect way to remember it.


I received a job offer to work as a life enrichment assistant for the elderly. It seems like the perfect blend of creativity and working with people I could have hoped for. Since getting the offer I also reconnected with some old family friends in Seattle, who have been kind enough to offer their spare room for a bit while I find my own room to rent.

This last month of my journey I am uploading daily diary videos to my Youtube channel. This is not going to include much external footage, mostly me reflecting on my thoughts and days as a diary to myself for future. I may upload regular videos in between too though if anything film worthy happens during the month.


My projects for the month have included sorting through my embarrassing amount of clothing, clearing my Facebook of all the people I don't really know or will have no connection with (it was a scary amount of people), waterproofing my boots, paying immigration, balancing work and life, trying to see everyone who wants to see me, getting my teeth patched and whitened, staying healthy, packing, house hunting, keeping up with singing and making daily videos...

Maybe this is why my blog has been a little quiet, moving permanently is a little tougher than I thought and I'm still leaving a very large mess for my mom to either sell or ship to me once I'm settled. If you're reading out there I hope that you'll bear with me in the next few weeks. Things may be a bit patchy.


If you'd like to follow my journey to America you can subscribe to my Youtube Channel for my daily diary this month.

You can also follow my Instagram if you wish to get regular but not that regular updates.



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