New Tattoo and The Combining of Worlds

March 25, 2018

I feel like it's been so long since I did a blog post I hardly know where to begin. I recently got a new tattoo to commemorate the year I had at Disney. I really wanted something that combined my Norwegian heritage with my future hopes and to remind myself to ALWAYS dream.


Working at Disney World just that, a dream come true for me and call me superstitious (I think all creative people are a bit) but after my first visit there I wanted to create the magic so badly for someone else that I held onto a bracelet with the word "DREAM" all this time. 

If you know me, you know travel is probably my second biggest love after music and its for a number of reasons and so this tale begins with my surname: Wilson. I already knew I had Scottish heritage on my Father's side as he had told me that my great-grandmother only spoke Gaelic to him. After his passing, I knew I had to see where our family had come from.  


I actually love most art forms but film is another favourite especially when it comes to  how things come together to create it. At the time there was a new series on TV called Vikings on History Channel. Something in me absolutely could relate to a strong female character with her own ambitions and carving out her own destiny. After some research into my family line I knew that I somehow was related to the vikings and took a trip to Scotland to find out more about this history, culture and what is was like today.


From there I planned a trip to Denmark to see where the people in the sagas of the television series had come from and what it was like today knowing their heritage, cultural and linguistic history. It was beautiful and although very different from Scotland I could see how things had progressed to form those places today. I think I probably would have made a great anthropologist or historian had I known it was truly a field of study when I was younger. Thanks to my awesome history teachers for making it such a fascination for me. 


Then my year at Disney World happened and I already know I really want to go back there with all my heart. I absolutely thrived during my time there and wanted to unite the two worlds in a permanent way for myself. (This is where upon further research I actually discovered my heritage was not in  the country of Denmark like the series but approximately all the way back to the first Norwegian king and his family lines.)


Now that I've returned and settled back into normality I've gone ahead and already tentatively planned my next two trips, meantime there's a lot going on.


I'm desperate to get back to music for a bit and am not only writing lyrics but also taking up piano properly for the first time. Again, combining my song-writing and singing with a solid instrument feels like building a bridge between two worlds.


I'm also taking two courses in social media and digital marketing management. I've worked in this industry for almost 5 years and I think in a way the courses have inspired me to try harder for my clients but also try out blogging, vlogging and taking my craft more seriously all around.


I've got so many ideas for future blogs including tales of travel, my fitness journey and being body and mind positive, alternative cultures I'm a part of and of course music updates.


There are definitely a few tweaks needed on my website now to keep up with the times and stream line - I've been under a rock in terms of the internet for over a year! Keep an eye out for all the updates and fresh look around here when it launches. Also I hope to blog more consistently in the near future.


Love you Darklings!

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