Preparing for Travel - Part 1

July 8, 2018

There's a crazy amount of planning that goes into travel and I think it's because it's become quite difficult to travel anywhere internationally - even for a holiday. I love travelling though and apart from Antarctica I've seen a tiny piece of every continent so far. This has really been a lifelong passion for me and I've done a lot of preparing for travel - which can be as exciting and fun as the journey itself.


I like to plan "backwards" so I start with the destination I want to go and I look at tours for that city or location, travel costs within (Uber/Public transport), weather, festivals or holidays, hotels, food costs  etc and decide how long I'd have to plan for. Then I estimate the cost of all these things and create a budget double that. 


Then flights are the next most important thing and an expensive part of the journey. For me personally I prefer to go places during the off season or just not peak season to avoid expensive flights and I try to book on Tuesdays. 6 months in advance. 

TIP: Forking out a bit more cash for a refundable ticket is definitely worth it too. If I can't pay for my flights upfront than I'd rather wait and book the trip another time or look at a different destination on my list.


Then comes the difficult stuff - the paperwork. Visas are always a stress point for me. Not that I've ever had a problem but no one wants to have a holiday put on hold because you didn't get a visa. I try to do these as early as I can too, just to give me enough time to get my passport returned and everything else in order. Also just in case I have to get a refund on any plans I've already made.


The reason I book backwards is because I know then for the next 6 months that all my savings is going towards a really big goal that's coming. Many people who have a conventional, office job will have to carefully plan this so it's matched with your actual annual leave. I like to know that the flights are paid for and I had enough already for the accommodation so whatever I save in 6 months is for the fun activities, meals, souvenirs etc.  


Fun stuff next, luggage. This is a vital part of planning and currently the step I'm in. I'm going on a trip that requires me to live in hostels and travel via tour bus so I have to have luggage that is a fair size to hold my things for several days but also not be too large to carry or fit into the lugga



ge compartment of the bus. For you, it might be different but it's such an important part of your trip especially when it comes to weight, maneuverability, destination and activities planned on your holiday.

TIP: You can never go wrong with lighter luggage.


I hope you will subscribe to my blog for more posts like this and part two will be coming shortly. Also head over to my Youtube channel where I take you along to some of my favourite places in my city, places I travel to and share my music and immigration story along the way.





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