Seether - Bucket List Bands

May 21, 2018

Yesterday I didn't write a blog because I was actually at a Seether concert for their Poison the Parish World Tour which is still going so check out the dates here. I have several bands I want to see before they stop touring and Seether was on the list since I was 9 years old.


I never got the chance to see them before because the first time I was old enough to see them in 2004/5 I think, I was writing exams and the next couple of times Seether was here, I was off travelling somewhere else. So far I've managed to see a few bands on my bucket list including Evanescence, Arch Enemy, Metallica, Linkin Park, Nightwish, Apocalyptica and now Seether. 


The show itself was their full set, no acoustic or unplugged songs, just pure old-school Seether, perhaps even with a pinch of Saron Gas thrown in. I managed to go with a couple of good friends who made it really special for me. I'm really grateful as I wouldn't have gone otherwise.


Other bands that featured were old friends, Crash Car Burn and Francois van Coke (Who did a chilled set which was really great) as well as Deity's Muse who were also amazing!


My only complaint about the show was the exceptionally long line for merchandise. It took me 2 hours to get to the front, only to find that they had to print it and I could only pick it up after the show, another 2 and a half hours later.

The payment system used was a cashless system which is supposed to speed things up but actually made things more complicated and added an extra line that was completely unnecessary. 


South Africans are typically sceptical and uploading their personal information to an app for a cashless card isn't going to happen. They'd rather take cash and do it in person, so the vendors may as well have taken cash as everyone brought cash to the venue anyway.  


The food options were well varied and the drinks were even better. Plenty of non-alcoholic drinks that weren't just the standard coke or sprite options. The food and drinks were on the pricey side but at a concert that is to be expected. 


The music itself was phenomenal! Whoever did the engineering deserved a promotion. No noisy feedback, no stray frequencies,  no deafening treble, perfect volume, wonderful bass and clear vocals which is really important when there are lyrics in a song. My favourite tracks from this show included the new singles, Stoke the Fire and Let You Down as well as some really old tracks like Gasoline and Driven Under.  


There were also a lot of children at this show too. Made me feel a bit old because in all fairness I could have children of my own old enough to have gone too but there I was, living a dream to see a show live since I was some of these kid's age. I'm glad there were kids though, lots of happy families bringing a good energy to the event.


The music definitely moved people and I  did a fair bit of jumping around and headbanging too, which is a treat when many international venues and festivals don't allow it any more and not many South African shows pull that off. This was a great combination of lineup, good engineering and perfect weather.


Thanks Seether and the other bands for giving us a rock show to set the standard. The vibes were definitely happy and I hope we get many more shows like this with South African bands for years to come.


Don't forget to subscribe to my blog for updates and news. I post an eclectic mix of ideas once a week. I will try and write more about some of the other bucket list acts I've seen and want to see soon.





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