Sick Day Remedies

May 6, 2018


We all get sick from time to time and I am one of those people that almost never struggles with my health. I take my vitamins, flu shots and don't spend a lot of my time around sick people if I can help it. 


When I am under the weather, its always a serious enough problem to put me out of pretty much anything. To illustrate what I mean - the last time I was sick was a year ago and I had shingles from stress. 


Fortunately I'm not heading to an ER or doctor just yet as I'm pretty sure its an old fashioned cold. Several of my friends have been ill lately and I'm pretty sure that exposure plus hard cardio at the gym is not the best preventative course of action but I do have several home remedies that always make me feel better. 

  • Stay home! Couldn't stress this more. How disrespectful it would be to infect clients, friends, colleagues or the public. Stick your favourite movies on, curl up with blankets and an ample supply of tissues and stay put until you're no longer contagious. 

  • Wash your hands! 

  • LOTS of water and preferably hot. 

  • Chai tea is great for colds and flu but keep it to a minimum. 

  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol. We're so lucky to have an abundance of rooibos in South Africa. The flavoured kind is my favourite when I can taste it.

  • Carbs and comfort food. If you're like me and trying to stay healthy maybe instead of chips and ordering pizza, grab a baked potato, onion soup and lots of vitamin C vegetables and fruits.

  • Keep warm until the fever breaks. Sunshine is a great way to stay warm if you have that option. 

  • I make a special drink dubbed "a lemon drink" at home, which made from lemon juice, cider vinegar, sugar, honey and hot water. Best thing ever for sore throat.


  • Take medication if you need to such as cough syrups or ibuprofen. 

  • See a doctor if things don't improve in 48 hours and sooner if things are getting worse. 

It's so important to treat yourself and your body with love and often I know I feel quite betrayed when I get ill but then it's actually more important to be attentive and kind to myself and not throw all the hard work and care away. Be kind to you this winter season and feel free to share stories and your home remedies in the comments. 





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