Songwriting | Episode 1

April 22, 2018

I've been back at home for a little over 6 months now and I arrived inspired and filled to the brim with imagery, light, colours and music that I wanted to write down and start working on some new ideas for an album of my own.


I'm excited to start this project. I don't know how long it's going to take to release it just yet as it's very early days but it's definitely coming.


My last album, Vivid, was a very personal project that I only released publicly to keep to a schedule. I really wanted to break from my usual style and write something raw, more earthy and tribal. I wrote everything on that album and painstakingly recorded, edited and produced each track. It's not great by any means but  I hope to bring elements of that to this next album in a whole new way.


I have big plans for this next one. I definitely want to get back into the metal scene and write and collaborate with other musicians. I also want to have it professionally produced this time as I would really like to flesh out each track into something wonderful and that others will want to listen to. In the meantime, I'm working on some lyrics and melody ideas. 


To aid in my songwriting, this year I'm taking piano classes to learn to play fluently and improve my communication with other musicians. I cannot express what a joy it is to play and write new music again. Enhancing a skill is always a confidence booster too.


If you're wondering what Vivid sounded like it's still available now here and if you want to hear my sing live I have 3 shows that broadcast online every week. Check out my schedule here




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