The Origins of #PositiveDaily

April 15, 2018

About 3 and a half years ago I experienced my first heartbreak and decided that I was tired of not liking my own reflection. I wanted to get healthy, body and mind and so I started a positivity journey on my Facebook page. This would be a daily public journalling space where I would only share things that were actually part of my life or that I felt was worth sharing. 


"It all started with a mouse." I already knew I wanted to apply to be a cast member and at the time I was inspired by a Youtuber I subscribed to, Justin Scarred. He was this bright, fun-loving punk who used to have a vlog serious running about Disneyland on the Quest for Positivity and how even through hardships (his were definitely much harder), one should try to be grateful instead of resentful. I can remember how grateful I was not to be going through some of his hardships and that there's a whole lot worse out there than your first breakup and a few extra pounds.


I remember my mom keeping a gratitude diary next to her bed where she writes a bunch of stuff she's grateful for every night before sleeping and then there was Sally, a primary school friend who never complained about anything and I don't think she really knew what kind of impact she'd left on my life, even years later.


I can also remember Facebook at the time having endless amounts of clickbait and very few of my friends were sharing their stories. It had all become politics, religion or viral cats. Then the worst of all were the friends that shared cryptic attention-seeking posts about how miserable their lives were because their parents wouldn't buy them tickets to coachella (Insert eyeroll here).


I wanted to stop the negativity appearing in overload on my newsfeed and started researching - best thing ever popped up - "A positive attitude is far more magnetic than a negative one". I suppose it's why we, as humans, prefer smiling photographs to duck face selfies, and so it began, my positive journal space on Facebook for everyone to see.


Slowly, I removed the people in my friends list I either had nothing in common with, didn't know in person or that had posts that were so full of vile opinions or hate-speech. It worked almost like magic and I could feel my hope reignite. I also started losing weight (that's a story for another time) and my mind started to reprogram itself to seek the positive in all things even the harder times instead of just complaining.


I try now to never complain on social media. It's not doing me or anyone else any good. It just riles people up into anger and frustration. These are not feelings I want to share, it's none of other people's business. I'd rather deal with issues first and share my triumph. If I need help, I'd rather contact a friend directly and ask them. 


I began by posting positivity every single day for a year and the entire process has changed not only my life and attitude but also the way I use and approach social media. It's a MUCH stronger force than you think. Even if you think you have nothing going on that's worth sharing, by writing ONE thing you are grateful for each day things do change. 


To this day I get people telling me that my journey is inspiring. I'm so humbled by that because it's truly such a simple choice I made. I'm inspired now by people like Nas Daily who's one minute videos make me want to go further, my own crazy adventures that took place because of the changes I made and Justin Scarred who's situation turned out better than he could've ever imagined when he started his quest. Other people who are positive have come into my life as friends and those friends who are filled with negativity have walked out.


A social media positivity journal may not be for everyone. Sometimes you might prefer the privacy of a notebook and I still say go for it because it will change you and if you become a light, others will see it even if they don't see the daily process first.

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